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Draw attention to the most important parts of your notes, books, documents, and more, all with highlighters! Arteza’s highlighters feature vivid, quick-drying ink, to ensure you never smudge or smear your work. Our Liquid Highlighter ink formula is certified non-toxic, and each marker dispenses a smooth ink flow everytime. Whether you’re highlighting journal entries, notes, documents, important dates on your calendar, or adding a vibrant marker addition to your drawings and sketches, our premium Highlighters are just what you need! Set yourself up for success by adding a set of our highlighters to your shopping cart today. 


Which Arteza Highlighter sets are ideal for a classroom or workspace? Any and all of our highlighter sets are suitable for the classroom and office, it really just depends what colors and style of highlighter you prefer. Liquid Highlighters feature a chisel tip, ideal for going over smaller text and even coloring. Our Broad and Narrow Chisel Tip Set of 60 includes broad chisel tip which is a truly versatile nib style that can be used for highlighting any size text. The narrow chisel tip markers included will come in handy for highlighting smaller text. The six assorted colors included (purple, green, orange, yellow, red, and blue) provide variety. 


For those who only want a pack of markers with smaller tips, our Narrow Chisel Tip Highlighters Set of 60 offers the same color selection as the previous set mentioned. This set is ideal for younger writers as well, since children will have better control over the smaller barrel. Anyone looking for an affordable bulk-pack of yellow highlighters will appreciate our Yellow Highlighters Wide Chisel Tip Set of 64. For a smaller, all-yellow set of highlighters, see our Yellow Chisel Tip Liquid Highlighters Set of 12. Our Liquid Highlighters barrel visibly displays how much ink you have left, so you know (in advance) when to expect to switch out your marker. 


A more diverse set of our Liquid Highlighters is our Liquid Highlighters Chisel Tip Set of 30, which features the following assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. While these markers are ideal for highlighting text, they will also come in handy when adding a splash of color to your ink illustrations and drawings. Whether you’re an artist, student, educator, or working professional, you deserve a set of well-crafted, completely non-toxic highlighters! 


Supply yourself, or a loved one, with a new set of highlighters, while supplies last!