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Ink Pen Refills

Extend the life of your favorite pen with ink pen refills. If you prefer hanging onto one pen that you use all the time, refills are a perfect option for you. You’ll also save some money by not needing to constantly buy new pen sets when your ink runs out. In a way, you’re helping the environment by being conscious of your writing tools and not being wasteful. Instead of digging around for a new pen when your pen dries out, just keep a couple refills nearby and you’ll be back to writing in no time. Feel free to check out our selection of gel ink pen refills in a variety of colors.


Can I use any refill with any gel pen? Not all pens are created equal. These art utensils can come in different shapes and sizes, which is why it's best to get refills made from the same brand. All of our refills will work with a majority of our pens.


Can I use a different colored cartridge each time I refill? As long as it's coming from the same brand and for the same type of pen, you can use any color you want. Theoretically, you could have only one gel ink pen with multiple gel pen refills of different hues and interchange them regularly. Instead of carrying around an entire pack of art utensils, you can take only one with more than one cartridge for replacement.


Do the refill packs only come in multiple colors? Not necessarily, we also have kits available with only one color. You can find them in single color packs of blue, black, or red ink.


Always having refills on hand can save you time and money in the long run. Never worry about your pen running out and needing to find a new one, just grab a refill! If you have a particular pen you like to use that you carry with you everywhere, refills will let you continue using your pen even after the ink is empty. You might mostly use your pen for writing, but you can switch it out with a refill of a different color and start creating artwork too. Keep a set of refills on your desk or in your pen case so you’ll always have a pen when you need one.