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Jewel Tones

Whether you're an artist, designer, or simply someone looking to spruce up your home, jewel tones are the perfect choice to bring life and color to the project you envision. Jewel tones are all of the rich and vibrant hues that can be found within a myriad of gemstones. Jewel tone acrylic paint, for example, will bring an element of luxury to your home or office.  


What are the jewel tone colors? Jewel tones are extremely saturated shades that are named after various jewels. For example, colors such as sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, amber orange, turquoise, and citrine yellow are all jewel tones. Other unique jewel colors such as topaz, aquamarine, peridot, jade, tanzanite, morganite, and lapis lazuli also fall under the jewel toned category.


Are jewel tones coming back in 2021? Jewel tones are one of the fastest growing color categories of 2021. After a rather dismal 2020, striking, comforting, and fine-quality hues are currently in high demand, which makes jewel tones the star of 2021's color palette. These beautiful, vivid colors selected from nature's finest gems are sure to grab attention without being too loud or overbearing. This is why jewel tone paint colors are a perfect choice for any room in need of a fresh new coat of paint, décor accents, or artworks. You could even incorporate jewel toned clothing and accessories into your wardrobe to give yourself a fresh new look! Jewel tones are exceptionally versatile and are sure to suit every occasion.


Are jewel tones warm or cool? Cool and warm colors are defined by their undertones; cool colors will have either a pink, red, or bluish undertone, warm colors will have either a peach, yellow, or golden undertone, and neutral tones tend to be a mix of warm and cool undertones. Thus, jewel tones can be placed firmly in the cool toned category due to their typically pink, red, or bluish undertones. Even colors such as ruby red or citrine yellow are deemed as being cool toned because of their undertones. Even if you aren't looking for something overtly cool toned you can still make these colors work by using them as subtle accents rather than as a focal point.