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Leather Paint

Add an extra touch of color and creativity using Arteza’s vibrant leather paint. Customizing your leather apparel and accessories is a wonderful way to put your own signature style on full display and leather paints make doing so fun and convenient. With a huge assortment of various shades, textures and finishes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect leather paint to unleash your imagination on any leather item you select.


What kind of paint do you use on leather? Water-based, acrylic leather paints are the best choice to use when painting on leather. As a natural material, your leather items are likely to have a dry and rough texture, making the surface very porous. Water-based acrylics are absorbed well by leathers, helping to create a smooth texture when dry. Water-based acrylics are also less likely to peel, crack or chip off when the material is bent or folded.


What is the best leather paint? There are many different varieties of quality acrylic leather paint, depending on the functional use and style desired. Take a look at the many leather paints available when choosing the best paint for your leather products. Naturally, Arteza stands behind our leather paint products. They can be safely used on leather surfaces and are sold in regular or metallic textures, as well as in a multitude of rich colors.


Do leather paints wash off? Leather paints can stand up to regular water provided the paint has been well-absorbed by the leather surface and is thoroughly dry. Should you wish to maintain its finish simply seal the painting by applying a thin coat of acrylic finisher, using a foam paintbrush. Removing dried paint from leather materials typically requires a more focused effort of special cleaning agents and scraping, so your leather paint creation should be able to stand up to basic water with no trouble.


Where can I get leather paints? Leather paints and water-based acrylics to be used on leather products can be found in most craft stores. Naturally, you can purchase high-quality leather paints through online arts & crafts retailer, Arteza.

When considering a leather painting project, be sure to explore the many colors available and let your imagination take the lead. Leather makes a beautiful canvas for both images and elaborate lettering projects, so enjoy the process and stay creative!