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Frame Magnetic Chalkboard Set, 40" x 20", Includes Markers & Stencils


Magnetic Chalkboards

Magnetic chalkboards are a fusion of classic chalkboard paint and a thin piece of metal, created to enhance human creativity and communication. Traditional chalk or high-quality liquid chalk markers are typically used to write upon a magnetic chalkboard. As well, magnetic stickers and custom-made magnets are used to communicate messages. A-frame chalkboards are commonly used in conjunction with liquid chalk markers to create eye-catching menus that lure potential customers to the table. Or, you can use a framed magnetic chalkboard to be placed on a wall to provide notes, lists, or study aids in a dorm room or office space.  


Where can I buy a magnetic chalkboard?- Magnetic chalkboards are fairly common and can be purchased online and in hardware stores. Framed magnetic chalkboards come in many shapes, sizes, and colors as well as frame options ranging from wood to various metals.


Chalkboards in general are extremely easy to care for.  To clean a magnetic chalkboard simply use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away your work. Allow it to dry fully between uses and it'll last you forever.


The primary reason to select a magnetic chalkboard over a regular chalkboard is magnetic chalkboards provide more creative options. 

For example, you can create an interactive calendar with a magnetic chalkboard and custom magnets to keep track of a busy family schedule or a dual-purpose workboard to organize thoughts and ideas for a budding new project. When it comes to the utility of a magnetic chalkboard, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.