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Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars are a great way to keep track of your schedule. Keep one in your home, office, dorm, classroom, or anywhere you need organization. They provide you with a fun alternative to bulky calendars and can put important information where everyone who needs to can see it. Sports practice, team meetings, club events, student assignments – all these can be in one place where your family, friends, coworkers, or students can see them. Get one today and start planning out your time!


What is a magnetic dry erase calendar? A magnetic dry erase calendar is a calendar that you can stick to your refrigerator, filing cabinet or whiteboard. You to use them over and over again to plan out your schedule. As the name implies, they’re magnetic and won’t need tape or adhesives to be attached to your surface.


How to use magnetic dry erase calendars? Simply write in dates, events, appointments, and items on your to-do list on the board with a dry erase marker. When the month is over or you need to adjust an appointment simply erase it with a dry eraser and write in your new events.


What is a magnetic dry erase calendar used for? In general, they’re used to keep track of what you might need to do in the month. You can have a magnetic calendar for your refrigerator that reminds you and your whole family of important events. You can also have one at your office to keep team members aware of meetings or events that are scheduled. Magnetic dry erase calendars are also perfect for keeping dorm rooms or communal kitchens up-to-date.


Magnetic dry erase calendars are an awesome way to keep your life organized. They come in weekly and monthly formats to fit your lifestyle and needs. We offer weekly and monthly sets in white or black that come with dry erase markers so you can start planning right away. Some of our sets even offer different tools like a separate to-do list, separate grocery list, icon magnets and even a kitchen conversion chart. Check out all the sets we offer and start getting organized today!