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Magnetic Letters

Make a brilliant statement with magnetic letters from Arteza. Whether you use magnetic letters on your fridge, against a whiteboard, or on your locker, they offer a fun, whimsical way to personalize your space—or your child's learning.


What is a magnetic letter? Magnetic letters stick to any iron-based surface. Each individual letter can be manipulated, whether to spell words, affix art and notes to the fridge labeled with your own initial, or help children practice phonics. Fridge magnet letters are a childhood staple, used by some families to leave messages and inspiring quotes, and by others to support their child's learning.

But magnetic letters aren't limited by age group. Magnetic letters and numbers offer an easy way for roommates to organize weekly chore charts, couples to leave encouraging notes on the fridge, or even for you to bring out your inner writer.


How can magnetic letters support my child's learning? Magnetic alphabet letters make a great tool for practicing associating sound with letters, which is an essential component of early literacy. Much like children must develop an understanding of the one-to-one correlation and meaning of every number, so too must they develop an understanding that each letter is capable of representing a distinct set of sounds.


As children grow older, they experiment with letter combinations. Children raised in a letter-rich environment and made aware of what those letters are and what they can do may ask questions about how to spell their favorite words unprompted. Moving upward through the elementary grades, the fun of magnetic messages—including gobbledygook, if your child is willing to sound their gobbledygook out aloud! - keeps writing and spelling skills in active use.


Showing an active interest and appreciation of letters and literacy, as an adult, exposes a child to a language-rich environment and the idea that learning imparts lifelong skills. Consider using your letter magnets to communicate at an age-appropriate level, such as using a child's initial (for a pre-literacy child) to pin their drawing to the fridge, or leaving little notes (for a reader) in the morning before school.


Where can I buy alphabet magnets? Arteza carries letter and number magnets suitable for any magnet-compatible metal surface—any metal a magnet can stick to. To order letter and number magnets, please view our selection online.


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