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Mandala Coloring Pages & Supplies

Coloring Mandala coloring pages are a wonderfully relaxing activity for anyone. You can use mandalas to calm yourself down, to provide children with an engaging activity, to practice mindfulness, or to experience the joy of coloring in a beautiful image. The possibilities are endless, so try coloring books today!


What are mandala coloring pages? Mandala coloring books are a cluster of geometric shapes, such as triangles and circles, that are symbolic in many cultures and religions. Geometric mandala coloring pages are often used as a form of art therapy to promote creativity, calmness, and concentration. Mandala coloring books come in a wide variety, so as not to become repetitive and dull. Moreover, you can easily find mandala coloring pages for adults and mandala coloring pages for kids, so that you can decide which level you'd like to start off at. Moreover, mandala coloring pages can be found in a wide variety of themes, so you can be sure to find a design that catches your eye.


Can coloring mandalas reduce anxiety? Research studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of coloring mandalas to help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and the findings are quite positive! By completing the easy task of coloring in a mandala, you're able to calm your stress and anxiety by focusing your energy and attention on the design. Even if you aren't the artistic type, you can still benefit from coloring in a mandala due to the soothing nature of the task. Thus, coloring in mandalas can certainly help in providing relief to those dealing with high stress or anxiety levels.


How do you color mandala art? Coloring mandalas are easy. Simply grab any tool you'd like that can color, such as markers, crayons, pens, pencils, and even paint, and begin to color your mandala! Many artists suggest picking your colors ahead of time and to start working from the center outwards. However, you could also start coloring from the outside in, working in small sections, or whichever method suits you best. You also do not have to color in every section of your mandala, meaning you could leave "blank" areas, or white spaces, in order to bring diversity to your design. The wonderful thing about mandalas is that there is no true right or wrong way to color a mandala, so you can let your imagination be your guide.


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