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Marker Art Supplies

Color your world with artistic flair using a marker set. Whether you want to elegantly blend alcohol-based pigments or add water to water-based ink to create depth and striking bold lines, markers are the perfect tool for you. With varying tip sizes, they allow you to create both fine details and broad strokes alike. Markers give you the option to design your artwork in a limitless and colorful fashion. You’ll feel like you have complete control of your creation and may even feel the marker as an extension of your hand! These versatile tools are a must-have in your collection. Depending on the way you like to create, you’ll be able to find the perfect marker for the job. Grab a set today and experience the amazing world of markers.


What are the different types of markers? The world of markers is full of variety, such as markers for a variety of surfaces, translucent markers, and thick or thin markers for creating crisp clean lines. Art markers, including dual-tip markers, will usually allow you to create both fine details and broad strokes. Additionally, there are surface-specific markers, such as liquid chalk, dry erase, and fabric markers. Whether you need opaque permanent markers or highlighters, Arteza has every marker you could ever imagine! 


What paper is best for markers? This truly depends on the marker. Typically a smooth, glossy paper works best for Everblend markers. Acrylic markers, on the other hand, can be used on practically any surface and will dry opaque and permanent. If you’re using a water-based marker, they typically work on all types of paper. However, if you’re planning on using water to create watercolor effects with a water-based marker, you’ll want to use watercolor paper so that the paper can absorb the water. 


What are the best professional markers? The best professional markers are those with a wide range of pigments and brush types. Generally speaking, you are looking for a set that works with your style and does not compromise on quality or craftsmanship. We feature a large selection of marker styles, functions, and brush tips, all made with your art projects in mind.


Give your artwork a new level of color and depth with a marker set designed just for you. Consider the transparency, line thickness, and surface medium you want your art to contain and find a matching set of markers to achieve that goal. From transparent, blendable layers with fine details to opaque, bold strokes, there is a marker set for all of your art projects! These tools are intuitive to use and will give you full control of your creation. Discover the perfect set of markers for your project today and start creating!