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Mixed Media Art Sets

Create many mixed media masterpieces, using Arteza’s extensive mixed media art sets. Regardless of your go-to discipline and media, our mixed media art sets are ideal for anyone looking to widen their artistic horizon. Our drawing art sets contain mixed media paper which is optimal for working with multiple media. Learn how to: draw, paint, color, and/or strengthen your skillset with our drawing art sets. Supply yourself, or an artist in your life, with professional-grade art supplies of all disciplines with our mixed media art sets. 

What do you need for mixed media art?... Mixed media artwork consists of two or more media, this can be whichever media you feel most drawn to, or you can experiment with how certain media complement each other. For mixed media artwork, you can combine: paints, markers, pens, pencils, graphites, and pastels on mixed media paper, canvas, or wood slice to create magnificent mixed media artwork. 

What can you use on mixed media paper?... The mixed media paper, included in many of our professional mixed media art sets, is ideal for creating with dry, wet, and mixed media. Create endlessly with your: paints, pencils, markers, and more, on each sheet of the heavyweight mixed media papers that fills your new paper pad. Encourage yourself to explore how different media work together on the mixed media paper included in our mixed media drawing art set. 

What is the best paper for mixed media?... Typically, mixed media artwork sits best on mixed media paper, however other paper can also work for mixed media artwork as well. While mixed media paper tends to be optimal for mixed media artwork, thick painter’s paper is a great surface for any wet mixed media creations (example: gouaches, acrylics, tempera paints, and acrylic painting markers). Additionally, drawing paper can be used for dry media, like pencil and pen mixed media creations. 

Mixed Media Arts Set Examples:

  • Studio Mixed Media Art Set - Features a wooden art case, color wheel, sharpener, 6 wordless graphite pencils, a plastic palette, 4 water brushes, 3 white gel pens, 12 metallic watercolor half-pans, a set of 36 watercolors, 24 Inkonic pens, 24 watercolor pencils, 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, a drawing pad, a watercolor pad, a mixed media pad, and a black DIY frame sketch pad.


  • Metallic Mixed Media Art Set - Includes: a wooden art case, 5 acrylic markers, 10 glitter gel pens, 12 metallic watercolors, 24 gouache paints, 24 acrylic paints, 12 watercolor paint tubes, a water brush pen, a watercolor pad, a DIY frame sketch pad, a canvas pad, a plastic palette, 4 wood slices, 5 paintbrushes, black & white canvas panels (8”x8” & 9“x12”), and black & white stretched canvas (9”x12”)


Regardless of your age or skill set, you are sure to make excellent use of our mixed media art sets. Investing in these art sets is a great way to get more for your money, while still receiving professional-grade art products that are designed to make creating hassle-free. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the media included in your mixed media art set, there’s no need to worry, we’ve included scannable QR Codes (on the packaging) which will bring you to many helpful tips for working with each medium. Create like never before, using our versatile mixed media art sets.