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Neon Markers

Neon markers can deliver pop and flair to your art. As an art supply growing in popularity, neon markers come in a variety of colors and tip widths. Their affordable price and versatility make neon markers a must have in the artist toolbox!


What is a neon marker? Most of us remember using neon paint markers as students highlighting pages in school books, but these markers offer several features that allow them to be used beyond the classroom. Traditionally, neon color markers come in a variety of fluorescent colors. Fluorescent colors are amplified versions of traditional color choices such as orange, green and yellow. This amplification allows them to stand apart from other colors making fluorescent accents a popular choice for adding highlights to art pieces.


Neon art supplies can be used on a variety of surfaces; however, some are better suited to the unique brightness of these markers. Popular writing surfaces include windows, storefronts, paper of various sizes and textures and dry erase boards. 


What markers do you use on a black dry erase board? One of the best surfaces for use of neon art supplies is the black dry-erase boards. Dry-erase boards are particularly popular in classrooms and offices for their ease of use and cleaning. The black dry erase board is a variation of traditional dry erase boards. Its dark color makes it a perfect background for the bright accents of fluorescent markers. This style of dry erase board is particularly popular in business as the contrast created by the dark, black background and neon colors create an eye-catching display for customers.


Neon paint markers are available in several widths. Each different size of markers allows for a different drawing experience. As an artist, it is important to carry many variations. These options make it possible to work in broad, bold lines or, with a finer option, to write in fine, detailed accents. Available in both plastic and metallic casing, neon art markers are a durable tool allowing for extended use. Their low-odor profile is a bonus that makes these markers a popular choice in classrooms, boardrooms and businesses.


Often overlooked, neon and fluorescent color markers are a fun and affordable supply for any artist. With so much versatility and the ability to create eye-grabbing pieces of art, these markers are great for new and seasoned artists alike. Whether you are a student, a business owner or a professional artist, neon markets are certainly worth adding to your creative supplies.