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Stock up on versatile notebooks. Grab a set for school or keep some around as a journal or a way to take notes. Each set comes with several bright colors so you can coordinate the color of the notebook to a specific topic or subject. You’ll be ready for anything with your notebooks and will be able to keep all your doodles, thoughts, and notes in one place. As soon as you fill one, you’ll have another on hand so you can keep working. Stay organized and reach your goals with a convenient set of notebooks.


What are the notebooks made of? They are constructed of pliable plastic covers that can resist spills and tears. Flexible enough to conform to your backpack or carry-all comfortably. Compact and durable, they keep your notes organized and secure within stitched binding.


Are these composition notebooks good for college? They’re the perfect study companion for the college student on the go. The composition books are available in four distinct colors consisting of black, blue, red, and green. You can assign a color to each subject or project and easily select the right book for the right subject or activity at a glance. 


How many pages are in these composition notebooks? These college-ruled notebooks have 100 double-sided pages. This means you technically have 200 pages worth of writing spaces for all your notes, thoughts, and doodles. 


The functionality and design of these notebooks were made with the student in mind. They’re available in sets of 8, so you’ll have plenty for the school year. This set is also a great choice for middle and high school students and who are looking for a way to organize their notes by class. Writers can also appreciate the sleek and compact design as they use them to capture their compositions and ideas. The binding also allows for the notebooks to lay completely flat for easy viewing and the maximum available writing area. Grab yourself a set of durable and dependable notebooks and start getting organized!