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Oil-Based Paint Markers

Create incredible paintings without ever touching a paintbrush, with our Oil-Based Paint Markers. Arteza carries Oil Paint Markers both provide truly impressive results on wood, stretched canvas, canvas panels, glass, ceramics, earthenware, and rocks. You’re guaranteed to reach new creative heights when you’re working with our premium oil-based paint markers. Paint markers are a must-have for any serious crafter, DIYer, or artist.  

Take on countless arts and craft and DIY projects or create fine art, with this versatile art marker! Just think of all of the creative projects you can take on once you’ve added a set of our Oil Paint Markers to your arts and crafts supplies collection. Embark on new creative journeys with this must-have marker for artists. Professional artists will appreciate the vibrancy and coverage our paint markers provide. Paint markers are super useful when you’re adding finishing details to your paintings and mixed media masterpieces. Alternatively, our pigment-packed markers can be used on their own to create museum-worthy acrylic and oil paintings! 


Can I replace the nibs of my paint markers? Arteza’s paint markers feature replaceable nibs. All you need to replenish a set of our Acrylic Markers or Oil-Based Paint Markers is our Marker Nib Tweezers and a set of our Replacement Nibs.

Which Paint Marker sets include a wide range of color options? 


Which Oil-Based Paint Marker sets feature a limited palette? 


Bring a wider variety of colors and application styles to your paint supplies collection with our Oil Paint Markers!