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Paint Pens

Paint without a brush with paint pens. Enjoy the fun of painting all in the convenience of a pen. If you’re not completely comfortable using paint brushes just yet, paint pens are a great option for you. When you open the cap of the pen, simply pump the pen a bit to get the paint on the nib and then start creating. You will feel more like you’re drawing than painting, but you’ll get the permanence of paint with our acrylic markers. If you’re looking for something less permanent, we also have chalk pens for chalkboards. You can use them similarly to paint pens and erase your marks easily with a damp cloth. Instead of dealing with setting up water cups and palettes or dusty chalk, you can create paint pen art as soon as you remove the cap of the pen. Grab a set today and try them for yourself.   


How do paint pens work? Paint pens are pretty intuitive to use. Simply remove the cap and pump the pen to get the paint or ink onto the nib. Once the nib is completely covered in the ink you can start drawing like you normally would! Our paint pens have interchangeable nibs as well, so if your pen nib wears down or you want a different style nib, you can use the tweezers included in the package to swap the tips.


Are paint pens waterproof? Depending on the paint pen, yes they are waterproof. Acrylic paint pens have ink inside them formulated like acrylic paint, so they dry permanently. On the other hand, liquid chalk markers are not waterproof and can be easily erased with a damp paper towel or cloth.


Are paint pens washable? You can wash the ink from your clothing and skin when it’s still wet. Once the paint is dried, it will remain permanent just like regular acrylic paint. If you’re looking to wash a surface you applied a paint pen design onto, we suggest handwashing them lightly so that the design stays on your surface for as long as possible. If you’re using liquid chalk markers though, these are completely erasable. 


Creating a painted masterpiece just got a little easier with paint pens. They come in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for mixing and matching to create stunning compositions. If you really enjoy hand-lettering, you’ll especially appreciate the interchangeable chisel and rounded nibs. If you need something permanent, but easy to paint with, then an acrylic paint marker will be the best choice for you. If you prefer creating chalk art or want to add flair to your chalkboards, then chalk markers are a must-have for you. With a flourish of your pen, you’ll be able to add artwork to a variety of surfaces like glass, metal, paper, and more. Get the perfect set for you today and start creating!