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Palette Pads

Save some time cleaning up your workspace with a palette pad. Each pad is filled with disposable sheets that are a convenient alternative to traditional palettes. Simply set up the colors you need to work with and start mixing custom shades. You won’t need to worry because the pages are specially designed to not absorb the paint and not bleed onto other pages. Now you won’t need to factor in a long clean up time when you schedule yourself time to create. Add palette pads to your art supplies list today.


Are palette pads sturdy? Individual sheets are lightweight, but the whole pad of sheets is quite durable. Sheets can be torn from pads or the entire pad can be used for a thicker palette without having to worry about paint seeping through. There's also a thumbhole on the palette pads that allows you to hold your palette as you work.


Can palette pads be reused? Some artists leave out the current sheet they're using on the palette pad and get 2-3 sessions worth of use out of each sheet of the palette pad. These are intended to be single-use though so likely won't last more than that. Usually, a sheet is disposed of after each painting session for a quick and easy clean up.


What's the difference between a paper palette pad and a regular palette? Regular palettes are made for regular reuse. Because of this, they require attention shortly after a painting session is over to ensure that the palette doesn't stain or get lumps of paint dried onto it. Clean up can be time-consuming but good palettes rarely need replacing. A paper palette provides the same function but without the cleanup. They're pretty affordable and the disposable palette pad should be relatively long-lasting.


Palettes of all varieties are useful tools for artists who enjoy painting. While all palettes do the same job, palette pads help to reduce the work which leaves more time for enjoying the process of painting. Even though they are a type of paper pad, they don't bleed and create a sturdy palette that is comparable to the reusable ones. There are different kinds of palettes to choose from, but picking palette pads can make a difference in how much time is spent creating the masterpiece versus cleaning. These disposable palette sheets are the perfect addition to the supply stash belonging to any artist whether they specialize in painting or just occasionally dabble in the art. Get yourself a pad today and save yourself some time!