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Make stunning art on Arteza’s bestselling paper pads. No artist is complete without a good, heavy-duty paper pad or sketchbook. It's the blank canvas where all your masterpieces take shape. You’ll want to choose something that can hold up to everything from pencil to marker to watercolor paints. A glue-bound pad allows you to work anywhere the inspiration strikes. For example, you can create at home, in the studio, on the train or in the park. Their light and portable nature is perfect to slip into your art bag. However, the sheets in the pad will be durable enough to withstand blending and layering. When you're done, simply tear off the sheet and you'll have yet another blank surface waiting underneath. Browse Arteza's selection of paper bestsellers and see why we're the first choice for beginning artists and professionals alike.


If you prefer working with watercolors, you'll need a pad that can stand up to paint without bleeding or running. Our watercolor paper pads come in a variety of options and sizes, with professional hardcover books as well as traditional glue-bound pads. Each page is cold-pressed to give it a slight texture on one side of the page, which holds the paint and keeps it from streaming off the paper. If you prefer working without a texture, the opposite side is clean and smooth. Each watercolor sketchbook works well with both wet and dry media, so you can use pencils and markers if the inspiration strikes you.


For mixed media projects, you'll need a pad that can withstand just about anything: ink, marker, pencil, pen, oil, acrylic, and more. Our mixed media paper is specially treated to work with both wet and dry materials. The sheets are micro-perforated, so you can tear out the sheets without leaving a ragged edge on your paper. The paper is also acid-free and made to maintain the hues for months or even years to come. This way, you can enjoy your pieces decades from now without noticing a deterioration in the color.


Sometimes you want to work on an oil or acrylic painting, but a large, bulky canvas isn't the right choice for your project. Our canvas pads mimic the look and texture of a real canvas, but they're much more lightweight and versatile. You can use a canvas pad to try out new techniques without wasting an actual canvas, or simply paint your vision directly onto the pad. And if you're tired of cleaning your paint palette every day, our disposable palette pads allow you to start fresh every day with a clean new palette page. Mix and blend right onto the paper, then tear it out and toss it in the trash when you're done. Discover why everyone loves Arteza’s paper today and start creating!