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Need colored pencils? We’ve got you! Looking for a complete set of drawing pencils? Look no further! We offer a wide variety of pencils for art enthusiasts of all kinds. You’ll find large sets of colored pencils, mechanical pencils, and drawing pencils that are durable, highly pigmented and color fast. Our break-resistant pencils are excellent for drawing, sketching and coloring for every level of artist, beginner to expert.


Which pencils are best for shading? Pencils with a softer lead are best for shading. Pencils designated with a B are better for shading than pencils with an H designation. The higher the number before B, the darker the degree of shading. For example, a B pencil is good for light shading and a 2B pencil is good for darker shading. Pencils labelled with an H can also be used for very light sketching or combined with B pencils to produce layers of complex shading. Our pencil sets offer a range of lead types that are ideal for all degrees of shading.


How do you color with pencils? Although there are several ways to color with pencils, the most common technique is the back and forth stroke which involves placing the point of the pencil on paper and pushing it back and forth across the paper's surface. With other techniques, color is deposited on the paper using dots, cross hatches, or circles. Our pencils are perfect for any coloring technique you use. They have durable lead cores that are vibrant, dense and long-lasting.


What kinds of pencils are used for sketching? Pencils with a harder lead, or H designation, are good for sketching. The higher the H designation of the pencil, the lighter the pencil stroke will appear on paper. Our sets of professional pencils always include a range of H pencils ideal for sketching and outline drawing.


Check out our art pencils, pencil sets, and drawing accessories. We offer pencil sets for all types of art projects from drawing and sketching to coloring and shading. Their accessories include pencil cases, eraser kits and more. You’ll find expert and premium coloring bundles which include coloring pencils and coloring books. Buy pencils to experience the dense, highly-pigmented cores that are perfect for every level of artist from novice to expert.


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