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11 x 14 Picture Frames

The appropriate Arteza picture frame 11 x 14” will complement your image and interior. While capturing a moment in time with a photo or creating a moving piece of artwork enable us to capturing memories and emotions, finding the right picture frame is not a simple task. There are various frames to choose from and selecting the right one can make a seismic aesthetic difference.


How do I choose a frame for a picture? To select the most appropriate picture frame, assess the room’s interior to gauge its style and decor. Then decide what photo or painting you intend to display on the room’s wall. Once you’ve decided on the positioning, now it’s time to seek the right frame.


One option is the wooden frame. If the room is somewhat rustic, then wood is a wonderful choice. The type of wood is also essential. Oak or Cherry wood will add an element of allure to the picture or painting. If it’s a wooden picture frame 11 x 14”, you need to decide whether a lighter wood or darker wood is more complementary to the room.


A metal frame is another option. Metal frames present an upscale polish to an interior, complementing interiors that strive for modern appeal. Composite plastic materials meant to simulate metal also add a sense of elegance and sophistication, on budget.

If the picture is a photo, a factor to take into consideration is whether the photo is in color or black and white. Traditionally, a color photo works well with wood frames, whereas a black and white pairs well with a metal or glass photo frame.


How to frame a 11 x 14” picture?...Naturally, your image must have a smaller dimension than the picture frame. Generally, consider scaling the image to fit within the frame. Frame measurements refer to the inside perimeter of the frame, so an 11 x 14” picture frame will be ideal for your 11 x 14” image if you decide you don't want a matte border. When framing photos with a matte border, you want a border of a 1/4 inch to an inch within the frame. Take similar considerations when framing paintings.  


Whether you are framing a photo or painting, when choosing a picture frame or picture frame set, it’s crucial to find the best type and size to create the right effect in the room.