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4 x 6 Picture Frames

Embellish the image you intend to frame with an ideal picture frame 4 x 6” from Arteza. When selecting a picture frame 4 x 6” ensure that the frame complements the picture it will be displaying, while maintaining focus on the image. Its job is to frame the picture inside and not distract the observer from what is in the picture.


How do I choose a frame for a picture? Clearly, knowing the size of your image is important. Secure a tape measure to know the dimensions for sure. Most standard photographs are 4 x 6” or 5 x 7”, making it easier to find the appropriate picture frame.

Then, decide on the style you intend to achieve in the room, such as contemporary, traditional or more post modern. Next, decide whether you want a frame made of wood, metal or plastic. You will have to consider what type of material will look best where it will be hung. Both the color and material of the frame is instrumental in how viewers will perceive the image; consequentially both items should be complementary, passing the ‘eyeball test’ assuredly.


As well, you may want to add a matte for some extra interest and dimension. Matte borders are also handy when you want to "crop" a picture without having to trim it. Most frames come in standard sizes that coincide with the basic photograph sizes.

In general terms, a matte is a paper-based material which borders the picture within the frame. The matte is used to separate the picture from the frame glass (protecting the picture from sticking), add dimension and decoration to the photo, and, if an acid-free matte is used, prevent the picture from turning brown over time. When choosing the matte for the photo frame, the color should complement the photo utilizing the dominant color in the photo as a guide. Choosing a black or white matte is also a good choice to create contrast and make the photo stand out.


Will a 4x6 picture fit in a 6x4 frame? Picture frames are measured width by height, and it is the inner dimension of the frame that is measured. So, while a 4 x 6” frame is different from a 6 x 4” frame, it can be used if the hardware on the back can be adjusted to mount the picture frame appropriately. You don't want to get a picture with hardware installed to hang horizontally when you have a vertical picture. 

A general rule of thumb when selecting a picture frame set is that media such as watercolors and pastels benefit from being behind a mount, requiring an extra layer of glass protection. If you have a mounted picture, you will want to choose a thinner frame so that it doesn't take away from the actual photo.