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5 x 7 Picture Frames

Arteza offers a vast array of picture frames to sate your visual needs. The ideal picture frames 5 x 7” will enhance your photos and images. Naturally, picture frames also protect your photos, paintings, drawings and documents from fading or receiving passive damage. The perfect picture frame not only brings beauty to an interior, but it also adds a sense of warmth and stability, as you can rest assured that the frame will not break with the slightest touch.


How do I choose a frame for a picture? When choosing a frame, you must consider the colors and textures of your interior’s wall and furniture. As well, you must consider whether the image is B&W or color, then consider the type of photo—is it candid, casual or formal? Then, decide whether or not you would like your photo on a matte. 


A matte is a paper-based material which borders the picture within the frame. The matte is used to separate the picture from the frame glass (protecting the picture from sticking), add dimension and decoration to the photo and, if an acid-free matte is used, prevent the picture from turning brown over time. When choosing the matte for the photo, the color should complement the photo utilizing the dominant color in the photo as a guide. Choosing a black or white matte is also a good choice to create contrast and make the photo stand out.


What sizes will work for a 5 x 7” photo frame? In general, there are two sizes of framing for a 5 x 7” photo. If a matte is not being used, which is called a  bleed-mount, then you should select a 5 x 7” frame that complements the image. However, when framing, spaces are often used to separate the photo from the glass in order to prevent sticking, buckling and a variety of other issues with the image. If a matte is chosen, the image size should be 4.75 x 6.75" to leave a ¼ inch border for your 5 x 7” picture frame.


What type of material should you choose? There are an infinite number of picture frame materials available; however, the most popular include wood and metallic. Wood frames will range in color from light to dark and, depending on the stain and wood species, come in a wide variety of warm and cool tones. Images with reds, browns and oranges in them look best with darker frames like mahogany. Photos with blues, greens and lavender are enhanced with lighter frames like oak.


Metallic photo frames are viewed as modern and trendy. Frames made from metal are available in a wide variety of colors and textures and the clean lines allow metal frames to blend into most modern or traditional decor. One advantage to a metal frame over a wood frame is durability and ease of repair. Metal frames are less likely to be scuffed or broken and replacing damage is simpler than with a wooden frame.

As well, it is important to choose the right matte and frame color. When choosing material, here are a few general observations. Lighter frames work best with candid, simple photos and darker frames deepen the beauty of a formal or elegant photo. A photo with a variety of color tones fairs best in a black frame and casual, candid photos work well in white frames. Solid colored frames add an artistic vibe to the image. 


The frame you choose for your image should complement your décor and make the image noticeable. And, most importantly, the matte and the frame should keep interest on the image, not the frame. Arteza’s 5 x 7” picture frames are not only decorative and durable, but they will also keep your images safe and sound.