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8 x 10 Picture Frames

Picture frames from Arteza contain images that move us and photos memorialize the best moments in our lives. They hold pictures of milestones, like a graduation or a promotion; they hold family events and celebrations. Picture frames present portraits of our heroes, abstracts expressing deep ideas, or landscape imagery that transport and relax us. The perfect picture frame doesn’t just add decoration to an interior, but they contribute a sense of warmth and community.


How do I choose a frame for a picture? When selecting a picture frame or picture frame set, you want to consider the size of the photo or artwork to be framed, plus the color, material and style of the frame, and whether or not you'd like to add a matte border within the frame. And clearly, you must consider the colors and textures of your interior’s wall and furniture.  


Picture frames with a sloping edge or bevel may draw the eye to the picture, while a more ornate frame may draw attention to the frame itself. Antique-style or wood-stained frames are ideal for vintage photos, while more polished or sleek metal frames compliment contemporary photographs. 


What size frame do I need for an 8 x 10” photo? The size of your frame will depend upon whether you want a matte (i.e. border) around your image. Frame measurements refer to the inside perimeter of the frame, so an 8 x 10” frame would be perfect for your 8 x 10” photo if you decide you will not have a matte. However, if you want to add a matte around your photo, the dimension of the matte will need to be taken into consideration. 


Matte borders often overlap the image by 1/4 inch on all four sides (or more), so if you're okay with a matte masking the edges of your photo, showing 7.75 x 9.75” inches of your photo, you could choose an 8 x 10” frame and still have matte at scale.


If you prefer a larger matte surrounding your photo, you'll need a larger frame. The typical photo frame size for an 8 x 10” image with a matte is 11 x 14”. There are many 11 x 14-inch frames with pre-cut mattes in white or black. For a picture frame of this size, the matte size is 11 x 14”, the matte window is 7.5 x 9.5”, the matte width is 2.25 inches on top and bottom and 1.75 inches on the sides. Enjoy framing!