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Frame Magnetic Chalkboard Set, 40" x 20", Includes Markers & Stencils



Grab everyone’s attention in the room with Arteza’s professional presentation supplies. If you want to make a good impression, presentation is everything. Humans are visual beings and are more likely to pay more attention to a creative, appealing sign rather than a dull, drab one. A good presentation can make or break people’s perception of your ideas. With our supplies, you’ll have everything you need to put your best foot forward at all times. By grabbing some signs, boards, and easels, you'll turn heads and make others aware of your message. Start turning heads today with our premium supplies. 


Why is presentation important? The way you present your project or even your artwork often shows how you see your own artwork. People often say “image is everything” and if this is truly the case, we want to help you get your messages across loud and clear. Showing that you care about what you present shows to your audience that you care about your project and what everyone will think of it.


What signs should I use? You’ll want to pick your sign depending on the way you’d like people to see your information. For example, an A-frame chalkboard is good because you have two sides you can use to present information. This way if people are walking past your sign, they could see your message in either direction. That’s why they make such great sandwich boards because everyone can read it as they walk by. 


What if I want to tap into my creative side? We always think that’s a great idea! When crafting a good presentation, creativity and artistic flair can be the difference between something that is ordinary and something that is great. You could get really creative and use a chalkboard wall sticker to write your message in beautiful hand-lettering to capture everyone’s attention. If you’re looking to show off your finished masterpiece, try using a display easel. These are great because you can paint at the perfect angle on it, then display your artwork on it right afterward.


Making sure your presentation has a professional and polished look is a great way to leave a good impression on others. If you’re brainstorming ideas or performing some calculations, a dry erase lapboard would be perfect for you. You can scribble some notes, ideas, or even doodles when you get inspired. Then you can easily show your ideas to others and clean it off as needed. When you’re ready to create a more finished presentation, you can use things like foam core boards to make sure your message is seen by everyone in the room. Once your information and research are presented well, everyone will be able to easily comprehend your work and respect you for it. Get ready for your next big presentation with Arteza!