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Real Brush Pen Bundles

Start your artistic journey with Real Brush Pen bundles. Real brush pens allow you to capture the elegant and free-flowing world of watercolor with more control. You’ll be able to develop bold washes and fine details plus you’ll still be able to blend and fade the pigment. Real Brush Pen bundles give artists of all levels the ability to create the exact artwork they envision. You can find bundles with all the supplies you need so you can start creating as soon as you open your package. Combine your knowledge of traditional watercolor techniques with a whole new way to create with these unique watercolor brush markers. Grab yourself a bundle today and explore your artistic side. 


How do you use watercolor brush pens? Real Brush Pens can be used just like a regular marker which allows you to use a wide variety of controlled techniques to create stunning masterpieces. To use these pens, you can either sketch directly on paper for darker pigments or dip them into water prior to sketching for faded looks. From broad, blended strokes to bold, detailed sketches, Real Brush Pens revolutionize the art of watercoloring. 


How do you use a water brush pen? Typically you’ll want to unscrew the top of the pen so you have access to the reservoir. You’ll want to fill this with water before you start creating. When you’re ready to add water, simply squeeze the pen gently and the brush tip will be dampened by the water in the barrel. This will then allow you to apply the water to your drawing without ever needing a water cup! 


How long do brush pens last? The lifespan of markers depends on a wide variety of factors such as use and storage. Under typical use and proper storage, these markers will last the average artist about a year. To ensure maximum longevity we suggest storing your Real Brush Pens horizontally or tip down. 


Explore the space between structured watercolor paintings and blended, flowing sketches with Real Brush Pen bundles. With a range of techniques to create both fine details and blended washes, these watercolor markers allow you to fully achieve your artistic vision like never before. With a bundle, you also won’t need to search around for all the supplies you’ll need. Simply open your bundle and start creating right away! You can capture the beauty and refinement of watercolor paint with all the ease of your normal marker drawings. Grab a set today and discover the artist within!