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Real Brush Pens Open Stock (Single Color)

Draw and paint with Arteza Real Brush Pens. These versatile pens feature a flexible nylon brush nib that allows you to draw like a painter. With just a touch of water, you’ll watch your drawings turn into stunning watercolor pieces. You can find Real Brush Pens in a variety of stunning pigmented colors that remain bright and bold even when you add water. These watercolor brush pens will quickly become your favorite drawing tools. If you’re worried about using up your favorite color, now you can replace your pen easily with our open stock Real Brush Pens. You can grab a few just to try or restock your collection when your pens are starting to dry out. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to get all the colors you love most or the colors you use almost every time you create. Shop our collection today and grab the colors you need. 


What are real brush pens? These are pens with a flexible nylon brush tip that mimics creating with a paintbrush. Each pen is filled with water-based ink that’s bright and filled with pigment so you can apply water and still get washes of bright color. You can use these pens for sketching and drawing or use them like watercolor brush pens. 


How do you use a real brush pen? The simplest way to start is to remove the cap and start drawing. If you’d like to add watercolor effects to your piece, we’d suggest using a refillable water brush pen to gently lift the color from your sketches into washes of color. The refillable water brush will allow you to apply water to specific parts of your piece and you won’t need a water cup! 


How do you store a brush pen? You’ll want to keep your pens in a dark, cool place so the ink is preserved for as long as possible. You can also leave the pens on their sides, store them tip down so that the ink uses gravity to remain in the tips of your pens, or store them upright. 


Real Brush Pens are some of our most beloved art supplies due to their amazing versatility and vibrant colors. The brush nib allows you to create as if you’re painting, without the mess of a palette and water cups. Many artists like to use these for practicing hand-lettering and watercolor painting. Real Brush Pens allow you a lot of control as you create so you can put the image you see in your head directly onto your paper. If you find yourself reaching for the same color often or just found that the color you need is out of ink, you can now grab the color you need from our open stock collection. This is a great way to try a few colors or add some extra colors to your collection. Grab the colors you need and start creating today!