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Scratch Art Paper

Reveal your designs with scratch art paper. The paper may appear to be all black, but with a simple scratch, you’ll reveal the beautiful rainbow underneath! Create unique illustrations or fun messages with this paper. When you create designs, it can really change the way you think because instead of working dark to light, you’ll need to work from the brightest highlights first and then move into your darkest shadows. This can be a creative twist to your next sketch project because as you scratch the paper, it’ll feel very similar to when you’re drawing. Grab a sheet today and test your hatching and cross-hatching skills!


What is scratch art paper made of? Typically it’ll be a paper that’s covered in a carbon or an ink-like substance mixed with a binder so that you can scratch away at the black surface. The paper underneath can have a variety of effects like rainbow or foiled paper. 


How to use scratch art paper? You’ll want to get a tool that can allow you to scratch the surface so you’ll want something relatively sharp. You can find specific sets of scratching tools, but you can also use wood cuticle pushers, toothpicks, and certain sculpting tools to create your design. You’ll want to be careful not to scratch too hard and scratch through the paper. Simply scratch the paper as if you were writing with a pen and watch the design appear.


Scratch paper can be used for everything from simple notes to intricate illustrations. Whatever you decide to create, you’ll have tons of fun scratching away at the surface. While it can seem intimidating at first, just start scratching on it like you would sketch on a piece of paper. You can also try the note versions of them for a smaller canvas. You’ll find yourself coming up with tons of scratch art ideas once you start. These are perfect for kids and adults, the scratch paper notes add pizzazz to parties, your craft projects, office memos, shopping lists, and more.


Grab a pack today and start creating!  


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