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Sculpture & Modeling

Sculpt and model with complete confidence with our Sculpture and Modeling Tools and Sets! Having the right tools handy makes a big difference when crafting with clay. Regardless of your level of commitment to your craft, you deserve well-made sculpture and modeling supplies and tools.


Arteza’s Oven-Bake Clay and Tools and Accessories Set of 42 makes a wonderful all-in-one set for anyone looking to supply themselves with all of the essentials for sculpting clay; take it one step further with our plentiful, professional-grade Crafty Clay Bundle! If you’re all set on clay but are in need of some dependable and sturdy pottery tools, be sure to check out our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 42 and our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 22


Can I use bone folders to sculpt? Yes! Our Bone Folder Set of 4 supplies crafters with uniquely shaped tools to use to sculpt. Bone folders are typically used to assist artists in folding paper, however they can also be incredibly useful when working with polymer clay. Many sculptors also use palette knives when working with clay.


Do I need sculpting tools? Sculpting tools aren’t technically a non-negotiable, however if you want to take your work to the next level you need the appropriate tools. While sculptors can work just with their fingers, should they choose to, the process will take longer and likely be less enjoyable if you don’t have the necessary tools to sculpt with. Do yourself a favor by investing in a budget-friendly professional-grade sculpting and modeling tools set while supplies last! 


Experiment with all the different sculpting tools and see what calls to you as you create a masterpiece. Whether you’re smoothing out harsh edges or carving a design into your piece, these tools have just the right shapes to get you started. Since many of these tools can be used for other purposes, you’re sure to make excellent use of whichever set(s) you choose! Grab a set today to get one step closer to mastering your craft!