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Self Adhesive Vinyl

Get crafty with self-adhesive vinyl sheets. These thin vinyl sheets are flexible yet durable making them a great option for stickers, decals, and fun craft projects. You can even go big and use these sheets to create designs for your walls. They’re also so durable that they’re great for car decals and laptop stickers. You’ll find sets with bright colors and unique effects, soon you won’t be able to get enough. Grab a pack today and start customizing every surface you can find.


How do I cut self-adhesive vinyl? The sheets are thin and easy to use so you won’t need a heavy-duty tool to cut through the vinyl. You can use any cutting machine that’s in the market today to create intricate designs with just a couple of clicks of a button. If you don’t have one, you can also create designs the traditional way by cutting them out of the vinyl with a craft knife or scissors.


Can self-adhesive vinyl be used on t-shirts? You can, but because the self-adhesive vinyl works kind of like a sticker, the adhesive won’t be able to stay on after a wash. We would highly suggest looking into Heat Transfer Vinyl if you’re looking to add a vinyl design to a shirt.


Is self-adhesive vinyl permanent? With the proper care and treatment, your designs can last for a very long time. We always suggest placing your decal on a cleaned surface that’s dust-free and making sure to hand-wash any water bottles or cups this vinyl may be applied to. You can definitely use this vinyl to create car decals as well, just make sure to thoroughly clean the surface before applying the decal for a long-lasting sticker.


Cut out your favorite design, weed any pieces that shouldn’t be in the design, and grab some transfer tape. Use the transfer tape to pick up your entire vinyl design and now you’re ready to stick it to any surface. Another great feature of self-adhesive vinyl is how easy it is to remove. Typically it’ll remove in one piece or for more stubborn pieces, you can heat up the vinyl with a hair dryer and peel it off your surface. These sheets are the perfect way of getting a semi-permanent customization to any surface you can find. Get a pack today and see what everyone’s talking about!


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