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Stick to it with tape! Whenever you need a quick fix or need to attach something quickly, tape is the perfect choice for you. Unlike glue, there’s no need to wait for drying or worrying about marks on your surfaces. This is a great temporary solution to hanging something up or keeping important paperwork together. With both creative and practical purposes, tape comes in a wide variety of strength, weight, and durability, and you’ll want to keep several types on hand at home and at work. Keep your office and workspace stocked with our bulk sets and be prepared for any sticky situation.


What is tape used for? Through the use of an adhesive bonding agent, tape bonds two (or more) materials. Specialized tapes have different purposes — for example, transfer tape is used to transfer graphics onto a surface. In general, you’ll use it to stick things to each other like sticking a piece of paper to the wall or another paper to each other.


What kind of tape is the strongest? This depends on the material the tape is made of and the adhesive that’s on the tape. In general, some of the strongest tapes are duct tape, but washi tape is also surprisingly strong. You’ll want to match your tape needs to the project or thing you’re trying to tape together or hang from the wall.


Is tape made out of plastic? Some tapes are, this strictly depends on the tape you use. If you’re looking for standard office tape that usually used for gifts and light office work then this tape is likely made from plastic.


Tape is an essential supply with a multitude of purposes, an invaluable tool for both artistic and practical tasks. Discover your potential with tape: undertake new artistic feats, decorate your home to perfection, and ensure that your notes won't be forgotten. Tape offers you the quickest and easiest bond available. Replenish your supply today, with our bulk sets of tape rolls. Every office, home, and workshop should keep some tape nearby because you never know what you’ll need it for. Grab yourself some tape rolls and start sticking your projects and paperwork together.