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Tempera Paint Bundles

Tempera paint bundles provide an affordable way to own many versatile art supplies. Tempera paints adhere to a variety of surfaces, including: canvas, wood, fabric, paper, papier-mâché, and poster board. This permanent paint is fast drying and known for its consistent color and smooth matte finish. When tempera paint dries, its color resembles soft pastels, once sealed with varnish, its colors deepen. Our tempera paint bundles deliver a multitude of affordable items, including various paint colors, paintbrushes, sketchpads, canvases, and more. 


What is tempera paint? Tempera paint is also called poster color or poster paint. It is a non-toxic, fast-drying paint made from colored pigments. Its pigments are mixed with a water-soluble binder medium. Egg yolk is often the binder of choice. Egg tempera is incredibly durable, withstanding high temperatures and humid conditions. Tempera is known for its smooth matte finish, as well as the sharp lines, crisp edges, and rich textures it produces. Tempera paint requires a rigid surface. If you try to apply it to a thin surface like paper, there is a high chance that it will flake and crack. 


Tempera paint is best applied in thin layers, and each layer must completely dry before beginning the next. Since its layers dry quickly, there isn’t much time to adjust, shade and perfect its application. Tempera becomes brittle as it dries, so you want to avoid painting thick layers. It’s best to avoid applying tempera paint directly from the tube, applying it with a knife, or painting in thick strokes when working with this paint. Thin layers built on top of each other will deliver the best results. 


What is the difference between tempera and washable paint? Washable paint is not permanent or lightfast. The products are made to release stains easily. Usually, a small amount of detergent and a damp washcloth will remove the paint without much effort. However, tempera paint is made to be more permanent and lightfast. There are some washable forms of tempera paint, but they usually require more elbow grease to release stains.


How long does Tempera paint last? The liquid form of tempera paint is perishable. Since it is made from organic material, it will eventually go bad over time. How will you know if your paint has gone bad? It will smell spoiled if it has gone bad.