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Tempera Paint Sets

Tempera paint sets from Arteza include incredibly fun, water-based paints and many complimentary products ideal for children's art projects. Tempera is a versatile and beginner-friendly medium suited for all age levels, and best when applied to porous surfaces: paper, cardboard, foam, and papier-mâché. Our Tempera paint sets offer a bevy of affordable options, including: various paint colors, paintbrushes, sketchpads, canvases, and more.   


Tempera paints span back as far as ancient Egypt; egg tempera is the traditional medium wherein artists mixed their own pigments with the yolk of an egg, for the long-lasting colors that define many classic paintings. Today, egg tempera is still in use, but our modern, bottled tempera paints are made from a more accessible glutinous binder. In fact, it is made from child-safe pigments, water, calcium carbonate, and a starchy binder. Artists can remove tempera paint from hands or clothing with soap or detergent and water.        


Consider the value of tempera paint sets for your classroom, your personal art corner, or your child's arts and crafts area. Tempera is the perfect medium for learning painting fundamentals and offers a good blend of fluidity and control. Tempera is used by hobbyists of any age to practice and master composition, brush strokes and color work.


Don't underestimate the potential of tempera paints to unleash your own creativity. You may remember tempera paints from your own elementary to high school projects growing up — that's because teachers prioritize inexpensive, easy-to-use paints with vibrant colors. Just like paper or chalk, art supplies have no age limit. We recommend tempera paint sets for any beginner-level hobbyist, or anyone seeking to conveniently sample this budget-friendly medium. Tempera paint sets make an ideal gift for children with boundless energy; giving the gift of art supplies is also giving the gift of art.