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Add all of the art supplies, tools, and cases your collection needs! Our wide selection of paint brushes, rotary cutter blades, disposable palettes, scissors, traveling cases, water brush pens, pencil cases, palette knives, bone folders, soft portfolios, rotary cutters, and sculpting tools features everything your arts and crafts collection needs to be complete. 


What is a Water Brush Pen? Water brush pens are unique paint brushes that store the water inside of your brush’s body, making them the perfect brush for anyone creating on the go or as they travel. Their innovative rubber push-brush grip provides comfort when painting and disperse the exact desired amount of water every time. Unlike many of our competitors, our water brush pens are designed to provide you with complete water flow control, to make painting hassle-free!


Is a paint brush or a water brush pen set better for my project? If you’re choosing between these two styles of paint brushes, first establish which media you’ll be working with—since water brush pens are best for water-based wet media, such as watercolors, gouaches, inks, and even face paints. Alternatively, our Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes are better for thicker paints, such as acrylics, oil paints, tempera paints, and gouache paints. If you find that you’re working with gouaches and don’t know which to choose, we suggest investing in both styles of brushes. 


Why should I invest in a pencil case or traveling case? If you’re constantly commuting or traveling with your artwork and/or art supplies it is essential that you keep them protected. Our Real Brush Pens Travel Set comes complete with our Marker Pen Organizer Case. If you frequently travel with your alcohol-based markers, water-based markers, permanent markers, or pens, you’ll likely want to invest in our Marker Pen Organizer Case with 108 Slots. If you don’t carry quite that many utensils with you at one time, or typically work with pencils or paints, you’re better off with our Black & White Pattern 64-Slot Pencil Case or our Paint Splatter Pattern 64-Slot Pencil Case.  


Make creating easier by grabbing all of the must-have tools and keep them protected with our protective cases. 

Regardless of your preferred medium or discipline it’s important to the longevity of your supplies to carry them in protective and well-crafted traveling cases. Take your craft more seriously by investing in the appropriate tools and cases.