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Transfer Tape

Artists using vinyl will appreciate having Arteza’s reliable transfer tape in their repertoire. This transparent tape, also known as application tape, comes in various-sized rolls to assist in your vinyl application. Artists are enabled to create seamless, multi-color designs by layering the colors with a one-time application. You can even correct the alignment by repositioning the tape and removing it before pressing the image for contact. Take the frustration out of vinyl with transfer tape. 


What is application tape used for? Various techniques are used to prepare vinyl to be printed on your surface. The most important detail to be noted is that when the images are prepared to be cut, they are mirrored on the chosen vinyl. This is done with the bonding material on the back of the vinyl and covered with a removable paper that is discarded. If you chose a one-color image or text, the design is simply needed with the tape applied to mirror the image back to its original state, and pressed onto the surface.


When you are choosing a multi-colored design the efforts become a bit more challenging.  In order to complete the design, the colors must be lined up and layered accordingly. However, due to the mirroring of the cutting process, there is room for error in this approach. Due to this complexity, many artists choose to use transfer tape for vinyl to make application easier without wasted product.


By using transparent transfer tape, you are able to directly apply the vinyl layers over each other to complete the design before applying it to the surface. It delivers fewer errors by enabling you to see the transferred image the entire time. Whether you choose a sheeted layering technique or the puzzle piece method, you are able to adjust the positioning of each color as it is applied to the intended design. 


Is transfer tape made out of plastic? Transfer tape is a transparent plastic film that is used for the application of vinyl.  Using transfer tape is a trusted transfer technique and because it is clear, it makes applying the vinyl relatively easier than applying it blindly.