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Travel Art Supplies

Create wherever inspiration strikes with travel art supplies. Capture the memories of places you visited with art or spend time as you’re in transit to create beautiful images from your imagination. Here at Arteza, we have all the supplies you need to put together the perfect travel art kit for your next adventure. From refillable water brush pens to stylish marker and pencil cases, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to make creating on-the-go easy. Discover the perfect supplies and art project for your next trip then add it to your packing checklist.  


How do you keep a travel sketchbook? You’ll want a sketchbook that suits the way you create. You’ll want to consider the media you like to use and what size you’re comfortable carrying around. Whenever you see an inspirational place or have a moment of time to yourself, bring out your sketchbook and spend a few moments drawing something you saw during the day. When you look back at your drawings, you’ll be reminded of your adventures! 


How do you travel with art supplies? Choosing an art case that will be easy to travel with as well as being large enough to carry your supplies is a good place to start. Adding refillable water brushes to your kit will also allow you to eliminate the need for water cups. 


What do you need for plein air painting? When going to the great outdoors, you’ll want a kit with supplies that you can easily carry and pack up. You’ll want to consider an easel, the canvas or surface you’ll be painting on, a set of paints, paintbrushes and a cup to wash your brushes off. Bringing some sheets of paper towel or a paint rag is also a good idea. You may also want to consider a camera of some sort. In case you don’t finish your painting, you may want to take a picture of your subject so you can finish the painting later.


The world around us is so inspiring and there’s nothing like being able to create as soon as you find something amazing. Set yourself up with a little travel kit of dependable supplies you love so you’ll be able to grab it as soon as your adventure starts. You can keep a reliable set of brushes, pens, pencils, and paints in one of our stylish pencil cases or keep your trusted markers in one of our marker cases. Whatever the supplies you prefer to create with, we have the perfect solution for you to be able to create wherever you go. Get the perfect set today and create anywhere you want to!