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Water Brushes

Eliminate water cups with a water brush pen. These are perfect for taking on-the-go and quick little paintings when you don’t want to get out your full painting set up. They pair wonderfully with watercolor half-pans so you can create without needing to clean up your workspace. You can fill the pen with water, liquid watercolor or even colored ink. As you use the brush to paint, the liquid gently moves onto the bristles, keeping them moist. You can regulate the flow of water by squeezing the pen's body. The process is simple and intuitive, making painting easy and fun. Grab a set today and get the freedom to create anywhere.


How do I use a water brush? Painting with these brushes is very similar to painting with a traditional brush. The moist brush easily picks up color from your watercolor pans or your paint palette. To clean between colors, wipe the brush and gently squeeze the barrel to wash the bristles clean. If you want more water on your piece you can squeeze the body of the brush lightly otherwise the brush will normally stay damp thanks to the gravity pushing the water into the bristles.


How do I fill a water brush pen? Just unscrew the reservoir and fill it with clean water. Then reassemble. It's quick and easy. You can also fill the barrel with liquid watercolors or ink. This is a great way to mix your own colors to get precise tonal values. Also you’ll basically transform your refillable pen into a custom brush pen that has your color of choice inside.


Can you put ink inside the pen? Yes. Use a syringe with a fat needle to fill your pen with ink. When you are done painting, drain any remaining ink back into its container and rinse the pen carefully with water. Liquid watercolors and non-waterproof inks are best, but you can experiment with other varieties. If you use a fast drying waterproof ink, you may need to use paint thinner when you are done to prevent clogging.


Refillable brush pens are a delight for artists. They make using wet-on-wet techniques a breeze. You won’t need to repeatedly dip the brush in water, just sweep the brush on the paper for a wet background. Then pick up color and add it to your piece. For more saturated watercolors, squeeze a little extra water into your pan and mix with your brush. They are perfect for plein aire techniques and for painting in confined spaces. They are ideal for working with watercolor pencils as you don't need to repeatedly dip your brush in water. They also make it easy to mix your own liquid colors and to create custom ink colors for your artwork. Grab a set today and start watercoloring in a whole new way.

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