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Watercolor Books & Pads

The paper you’re working on plays a major role in your watercolor paintings’ success! To ensure your colors' vibrancy lasts, work on our acid-free watercolor paper. We offer a wide range of watercolor paper pads, watercolor books, DIY Foldable Watercolor Canvas Frames, and even Watercolor Postcard Sets to ensure you have dependable, top-shelf quality watercolor paper to work from any and everywhere. Whether you prefer to work with watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, or watercolor markers (like our Real Brush Pens), we have the perfect paper for all of your watercolor painting needs! Browse this selection of watercolor paper to find the ideal watercolor paper for you.



What are the different styles of watercolor paper?


Our traditional Watercolor Pad (available in a 3-pack) features 30 sheets of cold-pressed paper which can be used for watercolors and mixed media artwork. Each sheet of our 140 lb (300 gsm) cold-pressed watercolor paper is thick enough to withstand multiple layers of paint without deteriorating. This style of paper is ideal for any artists who work their watercolors up with plenty of layers, and mixed media artists. Since each sheet of our Watercolor Pads include micro-perforated edges, you can easily remove your true-to-size sheets when the time is right. Any artist looking to try something new or elevate their craft should add our 100% cotton, cold-pressed, 20-sheet, expert-grade Round Watercolor Pad to their collection! 



Artists who prefer hot-pressed watercolor paper will appreciate our Expert Watercolor Pad. This 9” x 12” watercolor paper pad features 14 sheets of 100% cotton, double-sided paper; providing painters with 28 pages of paper to transform! The completely acid-free paper prevents fading, yellowing, and hue deterioration from accumulating over time, to persevere the integrity of your work for years to come. This watercolor pad is ideal for any painters interested in digitizing their work easily, whether that be through scanning or photography. The glue binding included makes removing your true-to-size sheets a breeze, and this watercolor pad is mixed media-friendly! 



Painter’s looking to create on the go will find their next travel companion with our Hardcover Watercolor Book. This 76-page watercolor book features cold-pressed, double-sided, mixed media-friendly watercolor paper, and includes an expandable inner pocket and ribbon bookmark. Since our Watercolor Book comes in the size 8.3 in x 5.1 in, it can easily fit in your bag; so you can take it with you for whenever inspiration strikes. Our other super portable premium watercolor books include Gray Hardcover Watercolor Book, Beige Hardcover Watercolor Book, and our Hardcover Watercolor Books Pack of 2. 



To create watercolor paintings that require no additional supplies to be framed, invest in our budget-friendly DIY Foldable Watercolor Canvas Frames. Our unique do-it-yourself frame pads make creating paintings ready to be showcased as time and cost-efficient as possible. Kids, teens, and adults can come together to create paintings to decorate their space with our (5 in x 6.6 in) DIY Foldable Watercolor Canvas Frame and our DIY Foldable Expert Watercolor Canvas Frame—available in the sizes 5.5 in x 6.6 in, 7 in x 8.6 in, 8 in x 11 in, and 9.5 in x 9.5 in.


Invest in your craft by restocking your current collection with well-crafted watercolor paper!


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