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Watercolor for Kids

Arteza’s watercolor paint for kids offers professional-grade art supplies to children ages 3 and up. Introduce painting to your little ones, or restock their current collection with our watercolor paint for kids. Children will get more in touch with their artistic side as they transform the sheets of their Kids Watercolor Pad. We offer everything from Kids Watercolor Pencil Beginner Bundle to Kids Ready-to-Paint Watercolor Set! Kids will be able to achieve impressive results thanks to our highly pigmented watercolor paints and watercolor paper. 


Which watercolor set is best for my young artist? For those new to the wondrous world of watercolors, an excellent introductory set is our premium Kids Watercolor Paint Bundle. This bundle features 60 sheets of premium, acid-free paper for your little one to use to familiarize themselves with watercolors. This set includes our Kids Watercolor Paint Set of 25 and our Kids’ Watercolor Pad Set of 2. Alternatively, our Kids Premium Watercolor Bundle makes a wonderful introductory set, especially since it features our Water Brush Pen. 

For more experienced watercolor painters, our  Kids Ready-to-Paint Watercolor Set features everything your little one needs to elevate their craft—besides a splash of water and their limitless imaginations. Our Kids Ready-to-Paint Watercolor Set features our premium DIY Frame Watercolor Pad which will allow your child to fold their finished pieces into framed paintings ready to be displayed! A great addition to any painter’s collection is our Kids Watercolor Pencil Beginner Bundle. This premium bundle includes a set of 48 of our Kids Watercolor Pencils and our must-have Kids Watercolor Pad Set of 2. 


Encourage a child in your life to paint like never before by supplying them with our watercolor paint for kids. 

Any child (ages 3 and up) will be thrilled to create with such top-shelf quality watercolor products. We’ve carefully crafted our kids watercolor collection to ensure your little one gets the best possible results; so you can cherish their first paintings for a lifetime! Order the children in your life watercolor paints and supplies that will assist them in reaching new artistic heights.