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36 Colors + 1 Water Brush Pen


Set of 12


Pans in Tin, Watercolor Palette Set


Pans in Tin, Watercolor Palette Set


36 Colors + 1 Water Brush Pen


12 Metallic Pearl Colors


Watercolor Palettes

Just add water and start painting with a watercolor palette. These convenient sets are a great way to get all the colors you need in a palette that’s ready to use. Unlike watercolor paints in tubes, you don’t need to pick and choose which colors you need. All your colors are readily available to you and all you need is to add water to the little pans to activate them. If you like mixing custom colors and tones though, you can still do this by using the lid of the palette. While your palette is open, use the underside of the lid to mix the colors. These are a great option if you’re an artist on-the-go or are just starting with this medium. This will help you learn to control the flow of the medium and how much water you should add to get the color you need. When you’re finished working you can simply close the lid and allow the pans to dry. As soon as you want to start working again, just activate the pans again with a bit of water. Grab yourself a watercolor paint palette today and start painting! 


What is a watercolor palette? A watercolor palette is comprised of pans of watercolor (sometimes referred to as cakes) placed in a plastic container that keeps them together. They refer to this as a palette because all your paints are in one place and are ready-to-use when you start painting.  


How do I set up a watercolor palette? There should be little to no set-up needed for a watercolor palette because all your colors will be neatly laid out in front of you. You will need to activate the colors with a bit of water first before using them though. One way you can set up a palette is if the palette has interchangable pans, in which then, you can place the pans in the best order for you.


What is the best watercolor palette? You’ll want a sturdy watercolor palette with all the colors you absolutely need when you work. We have a wide variety available on our site for both beginners and professionals so you’ll be able to find the perfect set for your next project. 


Bring your artistry with you with a watercolor palette. These easy-to-use sets are great to take with you on-the-go and are easy to clean up when you’re finished. You can even grab yourself a set of refillable waterbrush pens to use with your palette so you don’t need to bring a cup of water with you. When you need to mix a custom tone, mix your colors right on the lid of your palette. If you happen to transfer colors in your palette, simply use some clean water and a clean brush to clean off the pigment from the pan. A watercolor palette is a great choice if you’re looking to start your projects quickly and not have a ton to clean up afterwards. Get yourself a palette today and start creating!