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Pans in Tin, Watercolor Palette Set


4 Pack (more colors available)


Bound Hardcover, Pink, 9" x 12"


Single Color (more colors available)


76 Pages


80 Pages


Watercolor Supplies

Start your watercolor painting journey with quality watercolor supplies. Watercolor painting has been explored for centuries. Artists from every era have created in their own unique way using this amazing medium. While it can be a bit intimidating, one of the best ways to start is to try your hand at it. Set yourself up for success with premium supplies like a good set of paints with lots of color choices and quality paper. You’ll be able to find all the supplies you need to get started in this collection. Whether you choose to start with tubes of watercolor or half pans of watercolor paints, you’ll find using them is generally similar. You’ll want to keep a fresh, clean cup of water nearby and some fluffy natural hair brushes. You can start by experimenting with techniques and colors, then when you start to feel confident, you’ll realize you’ve been painting all along! Get the supplies you need to start creating and making yourself a masterpiece today.


What supplies do I need for watercolor painting? You’ll want to start with a good quality watercolor paint set with lots of colors to choose from, a thick watercolor paper, some fluffy natural brushes to paint with, and a cup of water or a refillable water brush. You can find all the sets and supplies you need within this collection so you don’t have to hunt for the supplies you need. 


Is watercolor painting difficult? It can be, but with practice, time, and tutorials, you’ll realize that it’s a very approachable medium. One of the hardest parts of working with watercolors is understanding how to control the consistency and how much water you should use. Even if your first piece doesn’t come out perfectly, it’s okay, just keep painting and you’ll get the hang of it! 


What do you watercolor on? The best surface to watercolor on is a thick absorbent paper. You’ll want to look for paper that’s 140 lbs or more so that your surface won’t buckle or warp due to the moisture of your watercolor painting. You can also choose from paper made from wood pulp or cotton pulp, both will allow you to create stunning paintings. 


Watercolor paintings are so stunning to look at because of the softness you can achieve with this transparent medium. Every good painting starts with an artist and amazing art supplies, and we can definitely help you start this journey. From the right paper to pigmented paints that will bring your ideas to life before your eyes, you’ll be able to find it all right here. You can start with a bundle of art supplies or just grab the supplies you’re missing. We’ve got all the watercolor essentials you need to paint like a seasoned watercolor artist. Discover the right supplies for you and create something beautiful today!