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Weekly Planners

Get an overview of your schedule with a weekly planner. Make sure you never miss a date, homework assignment, or sporting event again with your new organization system. It can be so hard to remember everything you have to do with a busy schedule, so make it easier for yourself with a planner. This is also a great way to check if you have conflicting appointments or if you have free time to relax. You can keep track of everything ranging from your water intake to your goals and priorities for the week. Make it personal with fun stickers and doodles so you get excited for each thing you do in a day. Grab one today and get organized!


How do I organize my weekly planner? You’ll want to start by making sure you have a box for each day of the week. Once you have that, you can lay out your schedule for that day in chronological order. Basically, list all the stuff you have to do in the order that you have to do it. Then it’s up to you how you like to prioritize or show what you need to do first. Some people like to write the times of their appointments and some people can color-code the planners to show what they need at a glance.  


Do weekly planners help? Absolutely! It’s a great way to get everything off your mind and into a visible format. This way you won’t have stress about all the things you need to do and remember and can simply check off each task you achieve. Plus, it’s always frustrating when you double-book yourself for something, so this is a good way to make sure you’re actually free. 


Are planners worth it? Depending on your schedule and the way you like to remember things, they’re a great investment. Planners can come in a variety of price points and designs so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.


You’re a busy person with a busy schedule, but keeping a weekly planner can help you reduce some of that stress on your shoulders. You’ll get to see exactly what you need to do in a day and see if you can actually get it all done. If you can’t, you can decide to reschedule or move around your plans so you’ll be more comfortable. Get yourself a weekly planner and take stress out of planning your day.


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