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Wood Art Panels

Create wood burnings, paintings, and more, with our premium Wood Panels. Wood art panels are a truly versatile surface for creating with wet, dry, or mixed media. Our natural birch wood Wood Panels are suitable for everything from acrylic paints to wood burning. Regardless of your media preference, you’re sure to make incredible use of our must-have wood panels. Create wooden signs (to use to decorate your home with), wood burnings, vibrant paintings, and craft pieces all with wood panels. See for yourself what makes working with wood panels so special by investing in a budget-friendly, professional-grade pack today! 



Do I need to prepare my wood panels? Each of Arteza’s natural birch wood panels features a smooth surface with sanded edges, which is ideal for mixed media. If you’re looking to burn your wood, you should be all set to start creating! Painters can work directly on the wood panel’s surface, or artists can prime their wood panel with acrylic gesso, if they feel so inclined. Priming your wood panels is an extra step that is not necessary for most artists. 



What media can be used on wood surfaces? Create with acrylic paints, gouaches, paint markers, permanent markers, pouring paints, oil-based paints, craft paints, drawing pencils, pastels, and glitter (with glue) on our wood panel surfaces. Produce elaborate mixed media pieces, wood burnings, signage, craft pieces, and more with this truly versatile art surface! 



What sizes are Arteza’s Wood Panels available in? Our Wood Panels 5-Packs come in the following sizes: 8 in x 8 in, 8 in x 10 in, 9 in x 12 in, and 10 in x 10 in. Artists who prefer rectangular canvases will make great use of our 8 in x 10 in, and our 9 in x 12 in Wood Panels. Artists who prefer square canvases, add our 8 in x 8 in or our 10 in x 10 in Wood Panels Pack of 5 to your collection while supplies last! 



Upgrade to a more versatile creative surface with our Wood Panels! 



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