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Wood Blocks For Crafts

Unfinished wood blocks for crafts are a wonderful ingredient to produce a wide variety of creations. Smooth and splinter-free, these plain wood surfaces are perfect to wood-burn, carve, stack or build. You can decorate them with chalk, pencils, markers, paints and more.

Blocks, paints and paintbrushes—or just your fingers, if you want to get messy. Plain wood blocks for crafts are not coated in any wax or polish, which means you don’t need to make any preparations before you start transforming these blank blocks into masterpieces. All types of paint and ink can be used on unfinished wood, including finger paints, enamels and ink stamps, as well as traditional tempera, acrylic and oil paints.


Where can I buy wooden blocks for crafts? Wood blocks for crafts are readily available for purchase at Arteza. Brightly colored tempera and acrylic paints will turn these plain blocks into lively, safe toys for small children and even babies, while rustic browns and whites can create western-style decorations. Simple black ink stamps can be spruced up with your own painted additions, creating mixed media painted blocks for any occasion.


And yet, they can be decorated with many more media than just paints. Chalk, markers and crayons are safe and mostly mess-free for beginning artists, while ink stamps allow the beginner to create many high-quality patterned and decorated blocks with minimal effort. Hot glue guns are perfect for holding together block towers for spray painting. The possibilities for crafts and decorations are endless for experienced as well as beginning artists, or even young children.


The most important things you need are, firstly, material to create with, and secondly, creative ideas for what to make. These unfinished wood blocks for crafts are an incredibly versatile material to start out with; from there, all you need are creative ideas.


Since wood blocks can be used for any age group, there are endless craft possibilities. You can paint or color blocks for babies or stamp letters onto blocks for toddlers and preschoolers to play with. You can paint, burn or stamp patterns and designs into wood for beautiful handmade gifts or decorations for parties, baby showers and wedding showers. Once you’ve decided what to make, let your creativity run wild!