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Acrylic Markers

Take your paintings and mixed media pieces to the next level by adding our acrylic markers to your art supplies collection. Acrylic markers are a painter's best friend, whether you’re just learning how to paint, or have been painting for decades, you need a reliable set of acrylic markers. Painting markers make adding details, outlines, highlights, and text to your paintings far easier than with a paint brush. Our markers give you complete control over your wet medium, so you can easily create vibrant paintings any and everywhere. Investing in a set of Arteza’s Acrylic Markers is an investment in your craft that will certainly pay off! 


Can I replace the nibs of my acrylic markers? When you’re working with our Acrylic Markers you can easily replace the marker nibs, when the time comes. We sell individual sets of marker replacement nibs and marker tweezers, however our Acrylic Markers Set of 40 comes complete with 40 replacement nibs and a pair of marker tweezers. Our Acrylic Markers Set of 20 includes 20 replacement tips (round and chisel), and a pair of marker tweezers also. You won’t have to worry about replacing your marker nibs for a while when you’re working with our well-crafted Acrylic Markers. 


What surfaces can paint markers be used on? Feel free to create on wood, canvas, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, and even stone surfaces. We recommend any of our stretched canvases, canvas panels, wood slices, or wood panels. The creative opportunities are endless when you’ve got a set of our Acrylic Markers in your collection. Add bold designs to anything from rocks to mirrors to wood slices with our truly versatile Acrylic Markers


Are acrylic markers permanent? Similar to acrylic paints, acrylic markers dry permanently on porous surfaces. Since our acrylic marker formula produces UV-resistant and acid-free marks, your artwork won’t fade over time. Transform a wide variety of surfaces with our premium Acrylic Markers. 


Is working with acrylic markers easy? Acrylic markers make a great option for any and everyone! Acrylic markers provide the same control you’d get from a large barrel marker so artists have immense control when creating. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration or tips be sure to browse our Youtube Channel for informative and easy-to-follow How To videos for working with our Acrylic Marker Sets. Our Acrylic Markers Set of 7, Acrylic Markers Set of 20, Acrylic Markers Set of 40, and Single Color Acrylic Marker 3-Packs make wonderful introductory sets for anyone looking to explore this exciting medium. 


Add more detail, dimension, and color to your paintings with our Acrylic Markers!