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Alcohol Marker Bundles

Alcohol-based markers are markers that create remarkably bright illustrations and bold strokes. They are often used professionally due to their ability to be so bright while working well on wet surfaces. They don't bleed or pool. Although they are typically used by more professional artists, anyone can easily learn to use these markers. This fact is especially true if you buy the best alcohol markers that include easy-to-use instructions. These markers can help create fantastic pieces of art because they have many strengths that many artists can enjoy.


What is special about alcohol markers? There are aspects of alcohol-based markers that make them great equipment. The ink is somewhat opaque while being thin enough that artists are able to layer colors over each other and create beautiful new colors. They also dry quickly without smudging, which enables you to easily color the paper more than once.


What is the difference between alcohol markers and regular markers? Water markers have a water base, whereas alcohol-based markers have an alcohol base. This change creates a variety of differences in how each product is used. Water markers, while good in some ways, are generally less opaque which causes streaking in work. Water markers do not blend as predictably as the alcohol-based markers, which makes the latter the better choice for most artists. If you're looking for predictability in a marker, the alcohol-based marker is the one to buy.


Are alcohol or water based markers better? Which is the better marker really depends on what work you intend to accomplish. Water-based markers work much better for lettering and calligraphy. They dry more slowly and are simple to use. Alcohol bases enables the ink to dry more quickly, and they don't warp the paper or material beneath, so professional artists prefer to use them for projects large and small. The best thing to consider when choosing between these two products is what is vital to your project. If you are going to be going over the same place on the page over and over again, an alcohol base is your best bet. If you want to create colors and tints, you want to pick an alcohol base. If you're looking for a simple marker that's easy to use, you probably want to pick up water-based markers. Each product is amazing at doing a specific  thing, but they are very different and have different strengths.