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Art Sets

Dive deeper into your wet medium of choice with any of our finely crafted painting sets! Whether you’re just learning how to paint, haven’t painted in years, or identify as a professional artist, you’ll find our painting sets quality exceeds your expectations! We offer gouache, acrylic pouring paint, craft acrylic paint, 3D fabric paint, watercolor, diamond painting, and Paint by Numbers art sets for artists of all skill sets and artistic backgrounds. Stocking up with painting sets is more cost-efficient in the long run. Restock your current collection, or explore a new wet medium with our painting sets!



Are your painting sets beginner-friendly? Yes! Most of our painting sets are made with beginners in mind, yet feature professional-grade supplies. To get started with watercolors add our Kids Watercolor Kit or Watercolor Paint and Tool Small Art Set to your shopping cart. Our Instant Acrylic Painter’s Set and our Acrylic Paint and Tool Small Art Set is ideal for painters of all skill sets, especially those looking for portable art sets. To take your acrylic paintings to the next level, invest in one of our more extensive art sets, like our Deluxe Portable Easel Acrylic Paint and Tool Large Art Set or our Acrylic Paint and Tool Medium Art Set



The Gouache Paint and Tool Small Art Set, Draw and Paint Set, and Portable Watercolor Frame Set are also optimal for those new to the medium. Explore the wondrous world of acrylic pouring paints with our Limited Edition Winter Acrylic Pouring Paint and Tool Art Set or our Ultimate Shimmer Craft Acrylic Paint and Tool Medium Art Set. Add more shimmer to your current collection with our Metallic Acrylic Essentials Set and the Metallic Gouache Painter’s Set. Create paintings with easy-to-follow instructions and guides with our Paint by Numbers Kits; available in Mandala, Tri-Panel Cities, Desert, Humming Bird, Boat, Butterfly, Coastal Landscape, and more. Give diamond art your best shot with our Diamond Painting Craft Set



Do painting sets make good gifts? Painting sets make wonderful gifts for anyone creative in your life, regardless of their age or current skill set. Invite a loved one, friend, family member, colleague, or neighbor to indulge in their creative side with any of our painting sets. For those who are new to painting, a beginner level Paint by Numbers Kit is just what they need to get started! Intermediate painters will appreciate any of our plentiful painter’s sets. Advanced painters will make excellent use of our Deluxe Portable Easel Acrylic Paint and Tool Large Art Set, Acrylic Paint and Tool Medium Art Set, Metallic Gouache Painter’s Set, and our advanced level Paint by Numbers Kits (see our Hot Air Balloon, Tri-Panel Cities, Floral Hydrangea). 



Grab all the painting supplies you need to create, while supplies last!