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Pans in Tin, Watercolor Palette Set


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Hole Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener


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Fine Marker Nib Replacements for Acrylic Markers, Set of 10


Brushes & Tools

Even the world's greatest artist is nothing without the right brushes and tools. You can have a mountain of clay, a palette full of oil paint or shelves piled high with tubes of acrylic, but it means nothing if you don't have the tools to use them. For this reason, every artist needs a set of brushes and tools in their collection. A good high-quality set of brushes can withstand just about any type of paint, handle various strokes and techniques, and stand up for months without breaking or losing bristles. Sculpting tools and hobby knives are a must for anyone who works with mixed media. And once you've got your tools in order, you need a durable carrying case to keep them from getting lost in transport. Browse our selection of brushes and tools today and see what makes Arteza one of the top suppliers in the industry.


If you work with paint in any capacity, you'll need a set of strong, durable paintbrushes that come in various sizes for different techniques. Large brushes are important, but you'll also need a set of tiny detail brushes for fine lines and delicate areas. We also offer a range of water brush pens that allow you to create watercolor effects without making a mess or needing a water cup. If you're tired of scraping paint off your palette after every project, our disposable palette pads stand up to painting, layering and mixing without bleeding and tearing. When you're done, simply tear off the sheet and throw it in the trash.


For sculptors, we sell a complete set of sculptor's tools that allow you to sculpt, cut, scrape, carve, shape, mold, and slice your clay to perfection. Each set comes with forty-two expertly crafted tools that were specially designed to avoid rust or damage. We also sell hobby knives for cutting canvas, vinyl, paper, and other mixed media projects.


Once you've gathered your tools, you'll need to invest in a carrying case to keep your brushes and tools from being scattered all over your studio. Have you ever bought a set of expensive markers and ended up losing half of them? Instead of tossing them in a drawer, buy a marker case that keeps them safe and neatly organized. A pencil case is also a wise investment if you do a lot of traveling. Keep your materials secure and organized while you sketch a tree in the park or paint a bustling city street. Grab the tools you need today and create something amazing!