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Car Window Markers

Arteza’s car window markers enable you to announce life’s many occasions. Car window paint markers are a great way to show what you're proud of and excited about. Anything from weddings, baby announcements, sports teams, school honors, or a car’s sale price and more can be expressed. Create art or messages on car windows to entertain children on long car rides. Or, let the kids decorate glass doors or home windows for Easter or the Fourth of July.


What markers can you use on car windows? The first priority is using a marker with non-permanent ink. This is ink that can be removed with either a dry or damp cloth. The next is to find a marker that is bright enough to show up on both clear and tinted car windows. Picking an opaque or neon ink is a great way to do this.


While traditional chalk is not suggested for glass, chalk markers are the go-to markers to write on car windows. Two other options for decorating car windows are dry erase markers and glass board markers. Unlike other options, chalk markers are vibrant and pop against car windows. The liquid ink dries into a chalk-like substance that is safe and easy to remove with a wet cloth. These markers come in neons, glitter colors, primary colors, metallics, and more to better personalize your art or message.


Do dry erase markers work on car windows? While the colors may not be as vibrant on tinted windows, dry erase markers are another good option for clear windows. Glassboard markers are the best dry erase option. Just keep a dry eraser on hand to remove when all finished. Keeping a dry-erase board at home provides even more fun. These markers come in more color options than they used to and can be used for alphabet practice on long car rides as well.


Does paint marker come off glass? While these markers can be used for other, more permanent, projects, paint markers are non-removable. Use these to decorate glass picture frames as presents or write on old mirrors. Paint markers can be used on any number of different materials for permanent art.