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Coloring Books

Let your imagination run wild as you transform each coloring page. Coloring books provide people of all ages with a creative activity geared towards stress-relief, relaxing, and living in the present. While coloring books are typically associated with children, they make a wonderful addition to any teenager or adult’s life as well. Immerse yourself in coloring with paints, Real Brush Pens, alcohol markers (EverBlend Art Markers), gel pens, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, crayons, or whatever wet or dry media you feel called to create with; since our  premium Coloring Books feature mixed media paper. 


What are mandala coloring books? Our Mandala Coloring Books feature 72 illustrations with intricate designs that typically form a circular shape made with multiple patterns. Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle; so, the circle is the central theme of the mandala design. Inside the mandala circle, there are smaller, concentric circles that are embellished with other repeating shapes that can be floral, geometric or simply decorative like spirals and tear drops. Since mandala designs are so detail-oriented and rhythmic, you will easily lose yourself in the process of coloring—invite more therapeutic art into your life by adding our Mandala Coloring Book with Black Outlines, Floral and Mandala Coloring Book Set of 2, Mandala Coloring Book, or our Mandala Coloring Book with Gray Outlines to your shopping cart today.  


What coloring books does Arteza offer? In addition to our Mandala Coloring Books, we also carry 6.4” x 6.4” Coloring Books in the following illustration styles: Portraits, Oceans, Animal, Architecture, Doodle, Mandala and Floral Illustrations. If you’re looking to color your own home decor invest in our DIY Frame Foldable Coloring Book Ocean Canvas Sheets. Children will make great use of our Kids Coloring Book Kits, available in Transportation, Tell the Difference, I Spy, Connect The Dots, Tracing, and Color by Numbers


Can I color with friends and family? Yes! Each of our coloring books includes a glue-binding which allows for easy removal of your true-to-size coloring sheets; so you can easily tear coloring sheets out for whomever you wish to color alongside. Color alone, with friends, coworkers, roommates, your students, or your family members with our must-have premium Coloring Books! 


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