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Craft Paint Sets

 There are many different kinds of quality paint that can be found at Arteza. Depending on the medium of your next project, you may be stuck in the aisles trying to figure out what kind of art and craft paint set will work best for your next activity.


Is Craft Paint the Same as Acrylic Paint? First, there are two kinds of acrylic paint. One will be found in the fine art section of your store, near the canvases and easels, and the other will be in smaller bottles and will be labeled "craft paint." Depending on your project, you may want to grab a craft paint set. These paints are thinner, and may require a second coat. However, they do apply more smoothly and with less streaks than regular acrylic paint set. They're also easier to clean off surfaces.


Acrylic paint is thicker and will dry faster. This means that you may not need to apply as many coats, but if you're blending colors together you will have to work quickly. Because of the fast drying time, there may be streaks left behind from brush strokes.


How long does craft paint last? Depending on your surface, an acrylic craft paint set might be exactly what you need. Craft paint comes in a wider variety of colors, and acrylic paint may require you to mix two or more colors together to get your desired hue. Craft paints have a higher water content, which means that they will not dry out as quickly as acrylic paints on your palette. This does, however, lead to a shorter shelf life for craft paints. Paints can be kept for 2-5 years, and may keep up to 10 years if stored properly. However, if your paint starts to smell sour, it's time to throw them out and get a new craft paint set.


Overall, acrylic paint has a smaller variety of colors, but is thicker and will dry more quickly. You'll use more paint and have a harder time washing it off of surfaces. But, the color will be more rich and vibrant in a single coat. Craft paint has a wider variety of colors and a higher water content, which shortens its shelf life. However, it does not dry as quickly, blends better, and is easier to wash off. Hopefully this will be helpful when you're selecting paints at Arteza for your next masterpiece!