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Display Easels

Give your artworks the presentation it deserves with an Arteza display easel. Display easels provide a charming and sophisticated way to present your art. Use an easel to prop up your art and show it off to friends, family, or potential art collectors. With a few works tastefully exhibited on these stands, your space will feel like a proper gallery.


Can I use a display easel for painting? Display easels are designed to present your work once you’ve finished creating it. If necessary, one of these easels could be used to hold your canvas up to work on, but you would need to make sure it stayed steady to prevent causing a mess. For painting or drawing purposes, a table top easel or tripod easel would balance and better serve your art, as they will help secure your canvas more reliably. However, having a display easel waiting around for the finished product is never a bad idea.


What are these stands made from? Display stands are typically made from either wood, hard plastics or metal, and are strong and stable enough to keep your art sitting safely wherever you choose to exhibit them. Whether you are looking for an easel to stand on the floor, a desk, a bookshelf, or any flat surface, you will find a tasteful solution for your presentation needs.


Will a display stand fit my art piece? These easels come in a variety of sizes. If you want to display a small drawing, painting, or other work, you can find a small display easel which can sit on a tabletop or bookshelf to elevate your work. Small display easels ranges from 5 to 8 inches, fitting anywhere you might want a work on display. If you have instead created a large work of art, a large floor display easel would be recommended, providing a prominent stand-alone way to honor your work.


Look no further for a high-quality display easel stand. Arteza’s selection will enable you to secure the right display option for your piece, large or small. Once you have your art safely and tastefully on display, you’ll want to create even more art to present.