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Set of 12


Drawing Pens

Create museum-worthy works of art with the help of drawing pens. Some artists only work with ink, while others use it to accentuate parts of their drawings, illustrations, paintings, and mixed media pieces. Since ink sits well over dried watercolor and gouache paint, many artists use drawing pens to add finishing touches, outlines, and small details to their paintings. Drawing pens can be used on a wide variety of paper including sketchbook paper, coloring pages (for coloring books), mixed media paper, and some watercolor paper. Add more detail to your upcoming pieces using any of our premium Drawing Pens! 


What are Inkonic Fineliner Pens? Inkonic Fineliner Pens are Arteza’s recommended extra fine tip pens for artists. Each Inkonic Fineliner Pen is filled with water-based, quick-drying ink that produces smudge-resistant marks on paper. These unique pens are perfect for adding details to our work, or creating detailed illustrations. Our Inkonic Fineliner Pens come in a wide selection of colors to ensure you have every shade you need to bring your ideas to paper. 


What are Real Brush Pens? Real Brush Pens are Arteza’s watercolor markers. Each Real Brush Pen set includes a water brush pen for artists to use to turn their marker drawings into watercolor paintings. Watercolor markers are optimal for artists that create while on the go, and for artists looking to create beautiful watercolor effects effortlessly. Another benefit of working with watercolor markers is there isn’t a mess to clean up afterwards. Invest in a set of our Real Brush Pens to become the watercolor painter you always knew you could be! 


What are Liquid Micro-Line Pens good for? Liquid Micro-Line Pens are for any artists that are looking for archival quality. Create illustrations with fade-resistant ink with this must-have style of pens. Each Liquid Micro-Line Pen is filled with completely non-toxic ink. Practice for Inktober all year long with this professional-grade artists pen, available in the following sets: Liquid Micro-Line Pen Set of 9, Micro-Line Pen Set of 10, Liquid Micro-Line Pen Set of 5


Can you refill Arteza Gel Ink Pens? Yes! Our Gel Ink Pens and 60 Gel Refills Set comes complete with both, additionally you can purchase our Gel Ink Pens Refills Set of 60 separately. 


Take your illustrations and mixed media pieces to the next level by adding some of our Drawing Pen Sets to your collection!